Friday, January 11, 2013

GnR, Elvis, and Sinatra play Glebe Park

In the depths of Canberra's 2014 winter the 1988 Guns and Roses opened this triple headed concert on the Glebe Park stage with Welcome to the Jungle, an unusual way to start, but their set didn't let up for 40 minutes of tight and simultaneously rambling heavily sweated numbers from their albums Appetite for Destruction and G N' R Lies.

GnR was followed by 1970 Elvis Presley crooning both to the distant Bega Flats and the overlooking Crown Casino. In response the crowd spilled onto crotchet rugs from set beginning to another strange song choice, his finale and farewell song, In the Ghetto.

Then the 1959 Frank Sinatra took the stage. And through favourites that had the crowd kicking on their rugs, and among cameos from 1960's proto-Rat Packers (as well as William Shatner), Sinatra held the Canberra crowd to the conclusion of his final song, Al Hoffman's I'm Gonna Live Until I Die.

All-in-all this was a solid night of music; with enough variation to cater to Canberra's diverse crowds but with a through-line of humanity and mortality that held the three acts together for the evening.

And in other arts related news, issue nineteen of The Delinquent is now out in its thermals.


Rodney Nelson, Duygu Senocak, Lucy Winrow, Daniel Lehan, Nicholas Francis, Spencer Golub &David Hancock, Tim Keane, Caitlin Hoffman, Clive Birnie, Andrew Galan, Eleanor Perry, Christopher Barnes, Bela Farkas, Claudine Toutoungi, Melissa Mann, Robert McCorquodale, Vincent JS Wood, Phil Callaghan, Dan Melling, Michelle Matthees, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, Jim Meirose, Edwin Sellors, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Bethany Pope, Tanaka Mhishi, Charles Pitter, Matt Dennison, Ray Diamond, Charlie Geoghegan-Clements, Jim Alderson, Dan Stathers, B. E. Smith, Matthew Griffiths, Susana H. Case, Ian Goodale, Jeremy Quinn, Duncan Jones, Martin Jones, Graham Fulton, Rosemary Norman, Meredith Collins, Nicole Kuwik, David Cudar, Rupert M Loydell, Harry Downey, Mark Blayney, Peter Ebsworth, John Aaron Rosen, Jason King, and artwork by Daniel Lehan.

The cover and interior photographs are by Eleanor Leonne Bennett.

The Delinquent issue 19 is available from Amazon as an ebook - Delinquent issue 19 on Amazon - and Lulu in both print & pdf versions.

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