Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Poetry Slam

@ The Phoenix Pub

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is inside The Phoenix Pub for 2013, which means you get two microphones, a stage, plenty of sound, prizes and more prizes, audience, clapping, prizes, judges, cheering, heckling, and the chance of glory! With MCs too, and scoring along with adding, prizes, conflicting, and poetry, especially poetry, at the Phoenix Pub, this is a poetry slam.

Yes, we want what words you've got on stage at the Phoenix!

For 2 minutes!

For Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit!

And this month we will be featuring the Captain of the Rant with his poetry.

This is Captain of the Rant's bio:
“London-based Captain of the Rant has been performing his uniquely witty, fiery spoken word since May 2008. He has performed all over the UK, Thailand and Malaysia, and has now come to Australia to inform the uniformally chilled out populace that there is still very much to be angry about.”

And The Sinbirds with their music.

This is The Sinbirds' bio:
“Having discovered the records of their grandfather and his backing band (Johnny Paul Blood and The Sacrificers), Davey and Frankie have spent a considerable amount of time re-recording the tracks; to suit modern tastes, to bring jukebox heartbreak back to the masses, and to pull their grandfather out of the dark corners of Australian music obscurity and into the light of fame which his hard work and groundbreaking music deserves. This is the Sinbirds.”

And filling the Hadley Memorial Poetry Slots in the Phoenix Pub for a mini-feature will be Raphael Kabo — Senior Kabo to you, you crusty old poets.

So be at Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! on 16 January with your words, your hands, your judges, your poetry, for poetry, for prizes, for all kinds of stuff like stuff.

And remember, 2 minutes, no music, no props, and your original material at the Phoenix Pub.

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