Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pots, Nails and Australia 2050

I continue as YouAreHere writer-in-residence; this time with Part One of an interview between El Lukio of One Pot Punk Rock and me as YouAreHere writer-in-residence. 

Watch the below video to learn how to cook a Puttanesca.
One Pot Punk Rock Puttanesca

Since the El Lukio interview I have discussed Talon Salon with its writer Michele Lee, and met with Dr Nicky Grigg to learn a lot about the Australia 2050 event to be held at the ANU Food Co-op. Those two interviews are forthcoming. Discussing Australia 2050 with Dr Grigg has definitely been a highlight among the people I have so far met to discuss upcoming YouAreHere events.

As part of my research for the above interviews I discovered Beans and Cornbread fight.

Beans and Cornbread

Did not get to the bottom of if Tippi Hedron is the "Godmother" of Vietnamese nail salons.

Godmother Tippi Hedron

And found an interesting website called The Conversation, which sounds suspicious to me, mainly due to an article where you can find this quote:

Everyone will have a genetic profile at birth that will reveal, to a large extent, what diseases they might be prone to during their lifetimes.

This will help health facilitators – everyone will be assigned one of these – ensure individuals take appropriate care of themselves and that that those diseases to which they are prone ( from their genetic profiling ) can be detected early or that preventive measures can be maintained through out life .

The information will be linked to an individuals health savings account, which will provide the payment mechanism for health and wellness care.” – Peter Brooks

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman

The Converstation is where you will find several 2050 scenarios, and the conveners of Australia 2050 at the ANU Food Co-op are forthcoming contributors. 

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