Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Poetry Slam!


And it wants your original words on stage
for two minutes with no props or music for prizes!

And it wants you in the Phoenix Pub judging
from 10 to -∞!

And it wants you in the Phoenix Pub for general yelling,
specific yelling,
muttering and/or whispering,
and/or even quiet contemplation! It’s your call!

And don’t forget the prizes!

So join The Master of Conflict, the audience, the judges, the poets, the sound guy, the bar staff, The Score Adder, the toilet goers, the feature acts, the MCs, the drinkers and the yellers, for prizes, arm flapping, headgear wearing, and coherent and/or incoherent shouting in the Phoenix Pub.

And this month we bring you Pascalle Burton
Yes our first feature act is Pascalle Burton, Pascalle Burton is an Avant-garde performance-poet musician-lady, whose experimental manoeuvres with words and sound are usually founded in cultural theory and have been described as an ‘elegant dragnet’. Pascalle has performed at venues and festivals, both in Australia and overseas. Current projects include The Stress of Leisure, Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect., The Outlandish Watch project (with collaborators Nathan Shepherdson and David Stavanger), the Golden Stapler Award nominated Lavender Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox series and the accessories label TWENTY FIVE SEVENTY FIVE for The Lavender Room. Her debut poetry collection A Vast Laugh was released through Small Change Press in 2008.

And this month we bring you The Stress Of Leisure

Yes our second feature act is The Stress of Leisure! The Stress of Leisure is a band which hails from Brisbane (Queensland), heavily influenced by its sub tropical surroundings. The Stress of Leisure is a truly independent band and continues to release under its own imprint The Stress of Leisure Recording Co. Four albums have been released: The Stress of Leisure (2006), Hour to Hour (2008), Soft Approach (2010) and Cassowary (2012); as well as the 7" single Sex Time (2011). Various commentators have referred to the band as 'local pop wonders', as 'criminally underrated', a band that ease 'seamlessly through a variety of genres'. The slow burn continues.

So join BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! on the 3rd Wednesday of November for the poetry slam of November 2013, for first prizes, for feature acts, for noise, for poetry, for music, for drinking, for toilet going, for more and more and more first prizes, and remember — your original material, two minutes, no music, no props, on stage at the Phoenix Pub.

Photograph by Adam Thomas

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