Monday, December 02, 2013

Cordite 44: Gondwanaland

I grew up liking maps, liking continents, liking supercontinents, and fossils. So anything connected to Gondwana, aka Gondwanaland, is to me pretty awesome. 
'Oldest' Gondwana land creature discovered
Having my first ever poem in Cordite be in Cordite 44: GONDWANALAND feels pretty cool.

Her French Toast, the poem I have in this issue, draws together a couple of inspirations for me. 

A friend who was on a ship called USS Blue Ridge, and I know it’s not a submarine.
USS Blue Ridge
Listening to music from DVA for the game Botanicula, and there is a submarine in there. 

And sitting in the upstairs food court of the Canberra Centre wanting to be underwater at Newcastle beach.

This is the song I most listened to while I wrote the earliest drafts of the poem.

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