Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Canberra to El Bruc

I am in Catalunya, just north of Barcelona, in a town called El Bruc. I am staying a month for a residency.

I’ve set some objectives for the time here, structuring and editing a new poetry manuscript, identifying poems to form into a performance, putting together a new poem for the Queensland Poetry Festival, and developing performances for that and the Red Dirt Poetry Festival in Alice Springs. I have a few other things to pursue but they overlap with these.

During the flights and stop-overs to Barcelona I started collecting images from different newspapers I managed to grab in airport lounges. My favourite three are from the International New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

I'll also be writing postcards while I am in Spain. My first is to my mum.

El Bruc is that stretched town below the mountain. I am looking forward to going up that mountain. 

For the trip I bought the game Transistor so I could listen to Darren Korb's new soundtrack.

l still enjoy listening to his soundtrack for Bastion, I think this new music is also excellent.

The building I am in is an old winery with plenty of space and there are only nine other people here. 

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