Friday, October 17, 2014

Alinga St Poetry

Fossil Rabbit
Photograph by Adam Thomas
Presented by BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! the Alinga St Poetry is hosted by Joel Barcham and features poetry from Andrew Galan, Eleanor Malbon, and Paul Magee; spoken word by C.J. Bowerbird; and sonic musical sets by Fossil Rabbit (ACT).

There will also be a special preview of Grapple Publishing’s first collection of writing and art, The Grapple Annual.

This is going to be an excellent night.

If you would like insight into everyone involved then read below, otherwise see you Friday 17th October, 7pm for 7:30pm start at Smith's Alternative Bookshop ($5 door but hey, what a line-up).

Paul Magee
Paul Magee is author of the eleven-chapter Cube Root of Book (John Leonard Press: 2006), and he is working on Chapter Twelve, again for John Leonard Press. He is also close to a final draft of a scholarly monograph on the meeting point between aesthetics and epistemology, entitled Poetry and Knowledge. His first book was the surrealist ethnography From Here to Tierra del Fuego (University of Illinois Press: 2000). Magee is a chief investigator on the Australian Research Council funded project Understanding Creative Excellence: a Case Study in Poetry, and he teaches poetry at the University of Canberra, where he is an Associate Professor. He has published extensively on psychoanalysis, stagnation, boredom and revolution.

Andrew Galan’s poetry appears in print and online in Australia and internationally, including with Cordite and Verity La. He features at events such as the Queensland Poetry, National Folk and Red Dirt Poetry festivals, as well as Chicago’s Uptown Poetry Slam. With Amanda, Hadley and Joel, he founded the ACT’s best poetry event in the Phoenix Pub, BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!. His first book is That Place of Infested Roads (life during wartime); Knives Forks and Spoons Press.

CJ is a spoken word artist and the 2013 Australian Poetry Slam Champion. He is the curator and host of Bloody Lips, a high quality spoken word and music event in Canberra, Australia. CJ has featured at the Bookworm International Literary Festival in China, and the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Indonesia. He was a presenter at TEDxCanberra 2013 and has performed in cities across Australia, China, Indonesia and the US.

Eleanor Malbon is from Canberra and this evening she will be performing poems about growing up here. As the audience, some people can chose whatever interests you from a whisky-sodden suitcase of trinkets, memorabilia and driftwood, before you sit back to listen to the intimate poems that accompany them.

Grapple Publishing
The Grapple Annual No. 1 has just been released and will be officially launched in Canberra in early November. Containing more than thirty works by artists and writers from Canberra, Australia and the world, it's a diverse collection spanning forms, genres and the Gregorian calendar. Each work in the Annual relates to a date in its own unique way. Every page grapples with words, art and ideas. It'll hook and hold you for a whole year. You can find out more and buy a copy at or come along for a preview on the night.

Canberra music maker. post rock-esque, electronica-ish.

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