Friday, November 06, 2015

Bareknuckle Poet

Brisbane publisher Bareknuckle Books have put out the first of their annual anthologies, Bareknuckle Poet: Annual Anthology Volume 1 and I have two poems inside, along with poems from a selection of writers who have been previously published at the Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters the anthology also contains fiction, non-fiction and an essay.

One of the poems I have in there was published in an earlier iteration by Grapple Publishing in their Grapple Annual Volume 1; this current version has been heavily re-worked for my forthcoming book, for all the veronicas (The Dog Who Staid). You can read a bit about development of the poem and the manuscript during my residency at the Can Serrat International Art Centre in El Bruc, Catalonia.

The second poem had not previously been published and it too will be in my new book. The poem is titled Chinlips. It is inspired by time working at Victoria Barracks on Oxford Street in Sydney just before I moved to Canberra.

The main barracks block, Victoria Barracks, Sydney

The anthology features work from excellent writers who are close to me, such as David Stavanger, Matt Hetherington and Eleanor Jackson, as well as work from a host of names familiar from international and Australian publications, including John Tranter, Todd Swift and Samuel Wagon Watson.

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