Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Roll For Intelligence Christmas Special

My character for the three Phoenix Pub episodes
of Roll For Intelligence was Dwarven
Heavy Metal Battle Mage, Mack the Truck
During 2017 I was involved with the Dungeons and Dragons performance group Roll For Intelligence. Our first two shows were part of the 2017 You Are Here and held upstairs in the Civic Pub. Our group performed to capacity crowds both nights, which was an excellent start. We went on to do three shows in the Phoenix Pub, and our grand finale for the year was a Christmas special at Smiths Alternative. The group is made up of our producer, Morgan Little, our Dungeon Master Josh Bell, as well as players, Euan Bowen, Helen Luan, Joel Barcham, Sharona Lin, and me. We also have a bard, Jack Collins, who plays all our environmental and mood music, and we were joined by artist Arran McKenna for some of the nights.

The podcast of the Christmas Special is in two parts. 

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