Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Australian Poetry Journal 8.2 - Spoken

This month Issue 8.2 of Australian Poetry Journal was launched in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, and online. Featuring commissioned work from Pascalle Burton, Steven Oliver, Steve Smart, Emilie Zoey Baker, PiO, Lorna Munro, Ahmad Al Rady, Quinn Eades, Emily Crocker, Tim Evans, Omar Musa, Adam Hadley Eunice Andrada, Eleanor Jackson Laurie May and Candy Royalle, the issue is the first collection of Australian Spoken Word artists in print from a mainstream Australian Poetry Journal. You can also listen to their work on Soundcloud.

The edition was co-edited by David Stavanger and me. We put a lot of thought into who to commission and were grateful for the excitement amongst both the invited artists and those who submitted to the journal. Submissions included excellent work from many poets such as Bela Farkas, Sandra Renew, Maurice McNamara, Scott-Patrick Mitchell and Matt Hetherington, as well as new voices such as Jerzy Beaumont.

You can grab a copy electronically or in print from Australian Poetry and please consider subscribing to support Australian Poetry. And after you’ve grabbed a copy of APJ 8.2 – Spoken please check out some of the other work from all the poets printed in this edition, most have books and other publications.

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