For All The Veronicas (The Dog Who Staid)
'It’s a rich collection, with a clear influence drawn from performance poetry, and Galan utilizes conversational, disrupted rhythms to achieve something unique.' 
- Judges' Report, Winner 2017 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards  

That Place of Infested Roads (Life During Wartime)
'Overall, this collection explores issues of urban violence, ultra-masculinity (fights are almost always about to happen), and hyper-realism.'
- Nigel Featherstone, Verity La 

Available at Knives Forks and Spoons Press

Journals, Anthologies, Magazine and Zines

'an unforgettable reading experience that is both literary and loud'

Rabbit Poetry Journal, Issue 27: TENSE
'Imperfect, perfect, pluperfect…'

Cicerone Journal, Issue 1
'Nevertheless, this is a leap of faith we must take.'

The Tundish Review, Issue 8
'We admire and abhor, fetishise and deride all the dead poets that came before us.'

Otoliths, Issue 47
'Any of the granules of calcium carbonate in the inner ear of vertebrates.'

The Tundish Review, Issue 4
'...explore how engaging with the poetic tradition (dead poets) is an inevitable but not prescriptive...'

'Visual submissions as jpegs, poetry in the body of an email.'

(Forthcoming) The Grapple Annual No. 2
'We make books that hook and hold.'

Nuovi Argomenti
'...the new section dedicated to poetry...'

Tincture Journal, Issue 18
' provide a space for both new and experienced writers...'

Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own, Issue 8
'...any aspect of magic or trickery.'

Empty Mirror, 3 March 2017
'Empty Mirror's focus is on non-fiction.'

Otoliths, Issue 44
'If it moves, we won't shoot at it.'

Train 95 - Philadelphia to Richmond
Train 95

Weird, Issue 1
'The zines were sold from our new vending machine.'

Pressure Gauge Journal, Issue 4
'...published quarterly featuring poetry, writing and art.'

Pressure Gauge Journal, Issue 3, poem 2
'one day we will publish a whole and perfect ghost.'

Pressure Gauge Journal, Issue 3, poem 1
'one day we will publish whole collections – real books.'

Bareknuckle Poet Annual Anthology Vol. 2
'produced and packed with punchy reading'

The Photography Room, 6 June 2016
'Poetry in response to Black & White Landscapes'

The Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters, 21 April 2016
'...when war machines rumble over ancient bones on even older battlefields..'

Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own, Issue 7 
'...and the theme for this issue is Pocket.'

Demos Journal, Issue 2
'...a progressive journal that aims to put the demos or “people” back into democracy.'

Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own, Issue 6 
'Even the title of the zine series  must be attributed to DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid.'

Bareknuckle Poet Annual Anthology Vol. 1
'Bareknuckle Books has climbed into the ring (gloves off)'

New Glass 2015: Archaeology, Excavation and the Arcane
'In June 2015 the Canberra Glassworks celebrates the centenary of our home...'

The Canberra Times, 18 July 2015
'The premier news source for Canberra.'

Cordite 49.0: OBSOLETE
'Obsolete can only be neutral or pejorative; it is never a compliment.'

The Grapple Annual No. 1 
'It’s a calendar-based anthology...'

Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own, Issue 3 
'...this issue we celebrate celluloid with The Film Issue.'

Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own (on-line) 
'- think found poetry, collage and Oulipo inspired pieces.'

No Blanks
'(only space for all the things you write)'

Cordite 44.0: GONDWANALAND
'Gondwanaland looks to a place in our pre-history, a time of supercontinents.'

An installation by Pascalle Burton for the Queensland Poetry Festival 2013.

Jet Fuel Review Issue #5 
'The Jet Fuel Review is Lewis University’s student-run, faculty-advised online literary journal.'

Prowlings issue #1 
'Each issue is the size of an A4 page, and can be downloaded, printed off, folded, and enjoyed.'

Mall Stories 2013 
'Take a virtual safari through the weird and wonderful wilderness that is the modern mall.'

The Delinquent Issue 19 
'Estimates & approximations, scientific & otherwise. Featuring: all the world (give or take HR & Finance).'

The Red Room Company 
'The Disappearing...(literally) explores poetry and place.'

Bone Orchard Poetry 
'An Explorative Blogzine of the Bleak/ the Surreal/ the Dark/ Absurd and the Experimental...'

Revista Laboratorio Nro. 6 
'A place to rehearse, to introduce new topics in literature, to produce dialogues...'

'A Poetics Magazine of Great Self Importance.'

Burley Journal Issue One 
'Burley is a brand new literary journal for Canberra...'

The Delinquent Issue 17 
'...issue seventeen wears a bowler hat and lipstick.'

Mall Stories 2012 
'But who did what, you ask! Read on!'

'Us Folk is a new independent magazine...'

MAYDAY Magazine Issue Five 
'new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, commentary, and visual art.'

My Favorite Bullet, January 2012, Volume XI, Issue 1 
'Acceleration, handling, fuel economy.'

'Verity La is an on-line creative arts journal, publishing short fiction and poetry, cultural comment...'

Verity La, 1 December 2011 
'Verity La is updated whenever very good writing comes our way.'

Lavender Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox Issue 8 
'Each zine comes with a complimentary and solitary match...'

The Best Australian Poems 2011 
'...these baroque and potent imaginings can only have come into existence as fragments of dreams or nightmares.'

Verity La, 4 October 2011 
'Why ‘Verity La’? It’s an abreviation of ‘Verity Lane’, a hidden back-alley in the small Australian city...'

Verity La, 3 September 2011 
'...interested in new voices, different voices, progressive voices...'

Meat for Tea Volume 4 Issue 4
'Lapsang Souchong'

The Delinquent Magazine Issue 15 
'This item has not been rated yet, 5 years of this all so special...'

Verity La, 28 July 2011 
'...bravery is essential in this neck of the woods...'

Streetcake Magazine Issue 18 
'the magazine for innovative, visual and experimental writing'

The Delinquent Magazine Issue 14 
'Innovative text-based solutions.'

The Delinquent Magazine Issue 13 
'It's the tour de force roman a clef, boule de souffle du jour.'

Eve's Harvest 
'The first fiction anthology to be published by Lip Magazine.'

REM Magazine 
'Rem Magazine is the ground zero for creative works that disobey, deconstruct and play.'

The Delinquent Magazine Issue 12 
'The fourth volume in the third quadrilogy. The empire is ours.'

Someone crept through the window while everyone was watching NASCAR. The rest is history.