The Tragic Troubadours

The Tragic Troubadours are a collective of Canberra writers. You can find them in the middle food court of the Canberra Centre on an evening of the week. They did inhabit the upstairs food court but Chair Guy freaked out Bela Farkas by stacking up walls of chairs around the Tragic Troubadours’ table as they sat writing.
The Tragic Troubadours
The Tragic Troubadours have performed at festivals, in bus interchanges, and while leaping from vans at loading zones, this has been done at places such as Crack Theatre and Loading Zone at This is Not Art, the Australian National Folk Festival, Corinbank, and YouAreHere 2012.

The Tragic Troubadours will perform at your festival, venue, bus interchange, or anywhere.

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